About Us


Community Commerce Bank (CCB), formed in 1976, is part of The East Los Angeles Community Union (TELACU) family of companies. CCB prides itself on serving the financial needs of California residents through a wide range of loan products and deposit accounts.

CCB specializes in commercial real estate loans, loans to non-profit and religious organizations, apartments (5 units or more), as well as other real estate loans regardless of reason, for both consumer (commercial properties) and business purposes.

CCB is considered to be ‘Well Capitalized’ according to all regulatory requirements and definitions. Call one of our three branch offices for our current outstanding rates on FDIC insured deposit accounts. As a subsidiary of TELACU, CCB supports many social and economic development programs such as education scholarships, senior housing projects, a weatherization program, and a Veterans Upward Bound program to name a few.


Mark Bermudez, President

Michael Lasher, Executive Vice President

Gregory F. Anderson, Senior Vice President

William Pottorff, Senior Vice President

Michele Soares, Vice President

Victor Jacobs, Vice President

AJ Jamal, Vice President

Jim Friend, Vice President

Mark Sakowski, Vice President

Coleen Bland, Vice President

Nanette Provencio, Vice President

Scott Sanders, Assistant Vice President

Michael D. Lizarraga, Secretary-Treasurer


Board Of Directors

David C. Lizarraga, Chairman of the Board

Michael D. Lizarraga, Vice Chairman

William M. Lasher

Mark Bermudez

Jay Candelaria

Paul Samuel

Michael Lasher

Tristen Sotomayor